Turn Your Computer to Money Generator


Welcome to the tutorial that will teach you how you computer can generate real cash for you. This will actually work with time. Don’t expect instant results because you will never find anything that does that. This will take less than 15 minutes to setup and once you’re done it takes less than 1 minute to setup every time you turn your computer on… or you can make it automatic. I will teach you how… Read on if you’re interested in making cash by leaving you computer on and then being lazy (i.e. watch movies, play games, watch TV or even go to sleep!)

Step 01:

Firstly you will need a PayPal account. Create a Premier account. You can create your account at www.paypal.com . When sites ask for your “PayPal ID” just enter the email address you signed up to PayPal with. Your email address is your PayPal ID.

Step 02:

Next you will need to register to these sites. You can choose to only register to some of them but you can just register to one or a few.

The sites are: (click the names to register)







Register to all of them for maximum profits.

Step 03:

You will need to download these apps to automate the ad clicking. Don’t worry, no installation is required.

Auto­clickers for:
(Click the names to go to the website to download the latest version for the corresponding site)
  1. Bux.to
  2. ClixSense
  3. Advercash
  4. AdBux
  5. TitanClicks
  6. TurboBux
Step 04:

Once you have registered on the sites and downloaded the corresponding auto­clickers just run them, type in your login info (don’t worry, no one will steal your account info) and if you want the app to start when you turn your computer on make sure you click the “Launch on Windows startup” box. Leave the settings as “Check between 2 and 3 minutes.” When you minimize each app you will notice it minimizes to the system tray. To hide these icons and save space right­click on the taskbar. This will open this dialog box:

Make sure the “Hide inactive icons” box is checked. Then click on “Customize…”: Make sure you check all of the auto­clickers to “Always­hide” Leave the auto­clickers on for about 20 minutes a day. This should be enough to click all the ads.

Congratulations! You have finished the initial setup. Now all you have to do is wait and earn. Spread you referral links to all your buddies to make extra cash and make sure you send them this PDF so they can automate the clicking.

Ways to spread your referral links:
  • Email your referral link your buddies
  • Post it on a torrent site or warez site or any forum or P2P site (within
  • the rules) .
  • Post it on your blog or make a blog and post it there.
  • Put it on your MySpace or FaceBook.
  • There are endless possibilities… you can even try personally asking
  • your friends!
Final Thoughts:
And there you have it. A complete tutorial on how your computer can generate cash for you. Please use my referral links as a way to thank me for this tutorial. Click on them to use them. Thanks and enjoy!